Increase Your Metabolism And Drop The Extra Pounds Guaranteed

If you’ve landed on this page and you’re not happy with your current weight, let me clear one thing up for you for sure!

You are in the right place.  I mean you’re in the right place if you want the straight truth, and you want results you can count on, starting tonight.

I want to help you set yourself free from complex diet rules that might give you temporary results but ultimately lead to rebound weight gain; Leaving you frustrated or feeling like a victim of your own circumstances or metabolism.

Bear with me for a moment, and I promise you-you'll have the chance to leave with a simple method that will finally help you to reach your goal body weight.

I can guarantee you’ll get results if you take the knowledge I’m offering, and apply it.

My name is Sye Rodriguez, and today I’m speaking to you on behalf of my wife and myself.

We’ve both been able to drop the extra pounds, and we know we can show you how to do it too.

When I say I guarantee you’ll get results if you follow what I want to share with you, I mean it, but let me further clarify.

I’ve seen everything when it comes to boosting your metabolism, and I’ve tried many of those things.  There are a few I haven’t tried because, in my opinion, they’re unhealthy and/or unsustainable.

I’ve known for a long time, that for myself, health comes 1st, and I’m not willing to wreck it for a temporary fix in my appearance; Especially when I know, it can be done healthfully.

I’ve spent many years learning and trying to figure this stuff out, and so has my wife, Csilla.

If you’re anything like us, you may have spent countless hours looking for the solution and trying everything under the sun.

Maybe you’ve tried a Ketogenic Diet, some form of a Plant-Based diet, or only eating during certain times of the day.

Maybe you’ve tried weight loss supplements or “Magicdiet teas or changed how many times you eat in a day, only to get minimal, temporary, or no results at all.

Ever tried eating as much as you want, but only eating the “Right” kinds of foods?

I know I have and I just packed on more pounds as a result.

Being that you’re reading this page right now, I’m guessing you’ve had similar experiences, and starting today I want to get you going in a New direction.

The truth has always been available, but there are so many Gurus with their little tips and tricks, that supposedly melt fat away, that the simple truth has been obscured.

You know what’s not true?

That is JUST eating healthy foods, or becoming a vegan or vegetarian, will start melting the unwanted pounds away.

Csilla and I know from experience.  I personally followed a vegan and vegetarian diet for a very long time, and the weight started packing on in spite of what the experts said.

We have also eaten almost exclusively organic foods, that most people would consider healthy, and although there are benefits to that, you can still end up way overweight just like we did.

Working out super hard is also not the answer.  Sure, you can change your body composition, and boost your metabolism a little, but no matter how much more effort I personally put in at the gym or with bodyweight exercises, I kept gaining weight, and it wasn’t all muscle.

I tried intermittent fasting, which can be helpful if it’s done the right way, but intermittent fasting alone won’t get you the results you’re looking for.

Here’s what’s great.  After experimenting for years, my wife and I both finally figured out how to melt away the fat.

We achieved the weight loss from slightly different angles, but we were basically doing almost the same thing; The difference being that what ultimately worked for me was very strategic and what my wife did was more intuitive.

As of right now, I’ve lost a whopping 27 pounds from my all-time high, and Csilla is down about 15 to 20 pounds.

We’re both very fit, lean and healthy at this point.

What’s amazing to me is how fast I dropped the last 13 pounds, in a way that You can do the Same.

I’ll get to that in a minute, but here’s a little about how I lost the 1st 15 pounds.

It’s probably important to note, It was about 5 years ago that I 1st noticed I was getting overweight, and I started trying to lose the weight way back then.

I had no success at all.  I kept putting on the weight no matter what I did.

One day, about 2 years ago, I was leaning over to tie my shoes, and I realized it was difficult for me to breathe when I was bending down.  I was always into fitness, and at that time I was following a very strict vegan diet.

I was in disbelief that I had gotten to this point; Truly dumbfounded.

I had made some youtube videos on how I had some extra weight on me, and I’d pinch the fat roll on my belly that had gotten pretty thick.

Leaning over and having trouble breathing made me painfully aware that the roll had gotten even thicker.

Also, I had a case of man boobs.  It made me question everything I believed about diet and health.

I was still relatively fit in spite of being overweight, but I had lost some of my edge.

During this time I was doing mainly bodyweight exercises and also running, and I was sometimes wearing a weighted vest for the exercises.

Bottom line is, something about the way I was doing things was not working.

I changed up my exercise routine and eventually got a gym membership.

I also started doing some intermittent fasting and generally trying to eat less.  I always enjoyed eating giant portion sizes, so I thought it made sense to reduce the size.

In about a year, I was able to drop down from my heaviest of 178 to 164, but it took me over a year to do it, and I was stuck at that point.

I dug deep into weight loss information, and I started experimenting.  I would lose 2 to 3 pounds here and there, then I’d jump back up to a heavier weight than before.

I knew the answer was out there, so I kept digging and experimenting.

I broke all the rules because I like doing things my own way, and I also noticed that a lot of people that were in great shape had different approaches.

I knew I was on to something.

Some of the stuff I was learning and experimenting with was pretty profound and also based in science.

Although I was kind of stuck at the same weight, I was changing my habits and feeling a little better and knew I was going to figure this whole weight loss thing out.

I had seen what I believed to be the common thread of truth about weight loss, intermingled with all of the other theoretical kind of stuff.

I was excited.  I only had one thing left to try, and I figured that I could really optimize the results with all of the other useful information and habits I had acquired along the way.

That’s why this is going to be really good for you too.  You’ve probably picked up some helpful habits and knowledge along the way, and that along with the experience my wife and I have made available will help you speed up the process once you know exactly what to do.

So… to sum up my personal story, I told my wife, I’m going to drop 10 pounds, and I’m going to do it in the next 10 weeks.

What’s great is, it only took me about a month and 1/2, and I sailed right on past my goal with a total of 13 pounds lost in 2 months.

The great thing is, I lost fat, not strength.

I feel good in my skin again, and much more confident.

It feels good when people start noticing.  My brother asked me what I did, and I told him.  He got inspired right away and dropped 8 pounds in only 17 days, and I know it’s just the beginning for him.

It’s amazing how simple it is once you commit to making it happen, and you know exactly what to do.

I want you to take yourself seriously and get the results you’ve been wanting for yourself, and there is no better place you could be right now.

There are no other people that are going to be able to help you more than my wife and I can, and I’m pretty sure the experience you can have with us is going to be a lot more enjoyable.

Between my wife and I, with our slightly different approaches that got us similar results, I know you’ll be able to relate to one of us more, and that’s the approach I recommend you take.

Also, you can save yourself the pain and frustration you might experience if you end up choosing the wrong person or people to help you.

I’ve always enjoyed sharing knowledge and helping people, especially when it’s something I’m excited about.

I am passionate about being healthy, and I’ve been teaching basic principles for years, but I’ve never felt as qualified as I do now.

My wife Csilla has been on a similar health path in life, from long before we met, and when you see the results she’s gotten, you’ll know she can help too.

Here’s a couple of side notes you should know in case you’re wondering if we can really help.

We’re both over 40 years old at the time of writing this, and I just turned 48.  If a couple of people over 40 can accomplish this, you have a considerable advantage if you’re younger than us.

If you’re older than us, I hope it inspires you to know that age doesn’t have to hold you back.

The other funny thing is, you don’t have to stop eating the things you enjoy to lose weight.  I can prove that.

I’m not saying there’s no benefit to changing your diet if you don’t eat healthfully, but you don’t have to do it to lose weight.

The truth is, enjoying the foods you like is part of what’s going to help you reach your weight goal.

The good thing is, if you want to eat more healthy, there’s probably not too many people with more experience in this area than my wife and me to show you how.

As you’ll learn if you end up joining us through what we’re offering here to help you achieve your goal weight, you might even have an advantage that can make it easier for you than it was for us.

And like I said, I guarantee the information you get from us will help you get the results you desire, like fitting into your skinny jeans again or being able to feel confident when you’re out in public, knowing you feel good in your skin, if you take action on the information we’re making available.

About the guarantee, here’s what I mean.  If you decide to take a chance on yourself and take the help my wife and I are offering, and you’re not happy with what we share for any reason at all, we’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

We’ll leave that refund period open for a full 30 days, so you’ll be able to see results from the extra help and tools we are offering if you get started on this right away.

You’ll know we are honest, and we care about helping you.  In the next 30 days, I have no doubt that you’ll be happy with what we’ve shared, but we’re offering this guarantee so the risk is on us, and you can confidently move toward your goal without hesitation.

We want to make this decision an easy one for you.

We’ve put a lot of thought into how we should go about doing this in a way that can help the highest number of people.

We considered doing one on one coaching, but that’s too expensive for many people, and because of time, we’d only be able to help a minimal number of people at a time.

Some people charge more than 350.00 for an initial assessment, and we’ve decided not to go that route for now.

We’ve also considered doing a membership site with a monthly fee, and although we might do something like that eventually, for now, we want to keep it simple and affordable for anyone wanting to lose the extra pounds.

Shortly you’ll get the opportunity to take advantage of the help we’re offering through our SIMPLE program, but 1st let me tell you a few things that this program isn’t.

  • We don’t have a magic bullet (AKA supplement) for you to take.  We’re not going to be telling you about some herb we found in the jungles of some unknown land that we had to fight the indigenous tribes for.
  • It’s not a secret we learned from a shaman in South America, and it’s definitely not some new exercise that burns 5 times as many calories as anything else previously experienced.
  • It’s not some fancy exercise gadget.

What we’re sharing with you is our real experience and the knowledge and tools we’ve found to make losing the extra pounds as smooth as possible for you.

  • You’ll be getting my specific protocol for losing the weight that will work for anyone that uses it.
  • You'll learn how Csilla lost the weight.
  • The weight loss protocol will be right to the point.
  • You won’t have to read for a week to finally figure out what you need to do; You’ll know what to do today.
  • You can expect to lose a minimum of 1 pound per week, but I did it much quicker than that, and if your considerably overweight, you’ll likely drop weight much faster.

The bottom line is, I’ll show you how to do it as fast or as slow as you want to.

The tools and knowledge I’m getting you access to will make it simple for you to know exactly what to do, step by step.

Although you technically don’t need to exercise, some exercise is going to make what you learn from us even more effective.  It’ll also help you to lose FAT specifically, not just weight.

We’re not only going to show you the most beneficial types of exercise, My wife Csilla and I are going to share our exact workouts in video format so you can use our years of combined and refined experience to speed up your results.

I'm also including my food diary with precisely what I ate for more than 100 days to drop the extra pounds; Keep in mind, you don’t have to eat what I ate. I’m including this so you can see how little it matters, and also get some ideas, even for recipes.

We’ll be sharing all the basics, plus what you can do to optimize if you choose too.  The basics will be enough, but you’ll have the understanding you need to take it further if you like.

There’s always going to be some new diet fad, or someone trying to tell you that this or that method is better.

There’s also real science that you can find on your own, and over time and through trial and error, if you’re patient, you’ll be able to get the results you desire.

It’s the science that separates fact from fiction when it comes to losing the extra weight and keeping it off, but we’re going to keep this ultra simple.

Honestly, you might be a little mad at 1st when you see how simple the solution really is, but the truth often is simple.

That’s what we want to share with you.

Knowing what really works and having access to the simple tools to make it as easy as it can be will give you the advantage you’ve been missing up to this point.

Also, because of our very unique experience, we have things we can share that are very beneficial, not just for dropping the extra weight, but for really looking and feeling good.

We aren’t caught in a dogma that we want to put you under.  You can take as much or little of what we share as you wish, but you’ll still be able to drop the weight if you follow the basics.

If you decide to use everything we’re making available to you through our program, you can great results not only with your weight but also with your performance.  By performance I mean you’ll likely feel better doing whatever you do.

My wife and I are all about health, and that’s indeed the end goal.  The great thing about where we’re coming from is, like I said, not to lock you into our own dogma.  You don’t have to eat just like us, for example.

There are plenty of people eating many different ways that are all in pretty good health and look good too.

The knowledge and experience we share with you will help you decide which particular way of eating you want to subscribe to.

So… At this point, the choice is up to you.

You can keep doing whatever you’ve been doing and getting the same disappointing results.  You can learn to live with that, and it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

You can also keep experimenting and trying different approaches, and you’re bound to figure it out at some point, as long as you don’t give up.

The simple choice is to take advantage of the program we’ve put together for you, and start getting results right away.

If you follow the basic guidelines we’ve outlined for you, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to drop those extra pounds.

We know you can do this and we care about you getting results.  There’s no doubt you can do this if you make up your mind that you will.

That being said, we know that your circumstances are unique, and we don’t want your money if you’re not happy with the knowledge and tools we’re providing you with.

If for any reason at all you’re not happy with our program or you don’t start seeing results, or you just don’t like something about the way we look, just reach out to our support, and we’ll give you a prompt refund.

We are limiting the refund period to 30 days, because we know that’s enough time for you to see changes, and it’ll encourage you to get started right away.

I believe 100% in what we’re sharing with you, and as you’ll see, it’s worked for us, and it can work for you too.

To get started today, it’ll cost you less than you’d spend on on a single fitness or nutritional coaching session.

To recap, here’s what you’ll be getting through the Healthy Fit Self program.

  • The proven and simple method I used to drop 13 pounds of fat from my body in only 60 Days while retaining my strength and lean muscle mass.
  • My 90 Day diary of the exact foods I ate while dropping the pounds.  You don’t have to eat what I ate, and this diary proves how little what you eat matters.  The diary will, however, give you insights, and a few recipes too.
  • Tools to help you quickly calculate precisely where you are right now, so you’ll know exactly how long it will take you to reach your goal weight.  You’ll have control over how much weight you want to lose in a given time, and you’ll know exactly what you need to do.
  • You’ll also be getting another tool to make it even easier for you than it was for me.  I put this together through my own weight loss experience.  It’s simple to use, and it makes the process even easier.
  • Csilla has also shared her own insight from her personal weight loss experience.  Like I mentioned before, her method is more intuitive, and my approach is more strategic.  You may be able to relate to her experience more than mine.

We’re giving you access to our current exercise routines in video format.

These routines get results.  You don’t have to exercise to lose weight, but the right exercises can optimize fat loss and improve health.

We’ve made sure to point out the most important aspects of exercise and why so you can choose the ones that get you the highest return on your time investment.

As I said, we’ve kept this as simple as it can possibly be so you can get started right away.  We aren’t sharing hours of stories or trying to prove our method with insignificant studies.

You can be sure that there’s science behind what we’re sharing, but the bottom line is, it flat out works.

Our goal is to get you results.

So now it’s time to get the results you’ve been looking for.

We’ve valued our program at 99.00, and for a results-oriented program, I think you’d agree it’s worth it if it does for you what it did for us.

But we really wanted to make this an easy decision.

Today you get the whole easy to follow, proven program for a total of only $37.00.

Even if you’re skeptical, it’s worth taking the risk on us if you’re ready to make that change for yourself.  You can do this, and we’ll show you exactly how.

The process is simple.  Go ahead and click the buy button below, and you’ll be taken to the checkout page.

Healthy Fit Self Diet - The Simple Science Based Solution To Fat Loss
Enter your information, and you’ll have the opportunity to pay through Paypal.  You can pay with a credit card through Paypal if you don’t have a Paypal account.

Paypal is s secure and widely trusted payment processor.

Because the program is all in digital format, you’ll get immediate access as soon as your payment is processed.  That means you can get started as early as tonight.


We want to thank you for taking the time to read this page.  As you can see, we believe that what we’re sharing is going to be the answer you’ve been looking for to reach your desired weight.

We desire to help you to get the results you’re seeking in the most direct and straightforward way, and at the same time help you to avoid all of the pills, gadgets, magic teas, and expensive diet foods that aren’t going to make any significant difference in your weight loss efforts.

We look forward to hearing about your results.  We hope you’ll reach out to us and let us know about your experience with Healthy Fit Self.

See you on the inside.

Sye and Csilla Rodriguez

Healthy Fit Self Diet - The Simple Science Based Solution To Fat Loss
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